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Ribbon Roll Control
With Ribbon Roll Control, you can organize your ribbon any way you want - by color, size, style or use!

Stamping School Membership Shortcut
This is a shortcut to our shopping cart to become a member of Stamping School.

A Man Card Tutorial
Matt creates a card tutorial just for the guys…

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Locator
This is where to go to find a demonstrator near you to host a workshop or attend stamping classes and events. I believe in supporting your local demonstrator and would be happy to recommend someone in your area, too.

Adobe Flash Player
If you ever have trouble with the picture or sound of the videos, you may need to update your Adobe Flash Player.  This is the free program on just about every computer that allows you to view videos on the internet.  Just like replacing the tires on your car, this program needs to be updated occasionally to make sure all the videos can be viewed properly. Once updated, it may be necessary to restart your computer to make sure the changes take place.  Click here to get the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.  

Test Your Internet Speed

Want to see how fast your internet connection is?  Check out this handy tool.  Cable (hi-speed) internet will be about 3-7 Mbps., with some services going even faster.  Dial-up, Satellite and DSL will likely be slower.  If your connection is lower than 3 Mbps, you may have to let the videos buffer for a few seconds as the videos load.  Just press the pause button and wait for the purple progress bar to move to the right a few inches. Click here for the internet speed tester.  For iPhone/iPad users, click here.