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How Stamping School got started

In 1995 I couldn't tell you what a bone folder or an eyelet was. The word brad only brought to mind a blond-haired actor and a heat gun only sounded like something I needed a permit for. I slowly eased into rubber stamping land and now I have more stamps than I do shoes (is that a good thing or a bad thing?). I couldn't imagine life without stamps, ink and paper and the relationships that I have made because of it.

Stamping School wasn't always a website as it is today. I became a Stampin' Up demonstrator in 1999 just for the free stamps and discounts, like a lot of stampers. After 3 years of meeting my minimums, I needed to make some extra income and started with a few workshops here and there, which led to a few new demonstrators in my group. We would meet at a local diner in the back room and stamp projects around our grilled cheese sandwiches and mugs of coffee. Soon we outgrew the diner and moved to a bigger location where it was more difficult to show the techniques so everyone could see and hear.

Matt, The Stampin Man

My wonderful husband Matt (seen at left working at a local stamp show) came to our rescue with his techie background and set up a video camera to project my stamping hands up on a big television.

Supporting my long distance demonstrators had always been a challenge. I had the idea to record the projects from our get-togethers so they could feel a part of it all. I began sending out the video links to those that couldn't attend and the response was huge. Other stampers heard about it and asked if they could see the videos also.

Matt and Linda, Stamping School Founders

When we saw that we had so many stampers asking to join, we created a website with LOTS of bandwidth so we didn't have to use public video sites, which are not always suitable for all eyes! We also wanted a real video library where everything is archived, instead of blogs which only have so much storage allowed.

So this member supported web site was born so that I could share it with anyone who needs it or loves stamping like I do!

Today, I am still a full time demonstrator, wife to an amazing and supportive husband, Matt.

I hope you enjoy our website as much as we had fun seeing it come to life!

Stamp on!

Linda & Matt Heller


You guys were pioneers!

Just wanted to say again how much I enjoy your site.  You guys were pioneers in providing this service and although others have jumped into the arena of providing paid subscription services for Stampin' Up! video and websites yours by far remains the best of breed.

Sue Ann - AZ


I decided to try the one month trial and I'll definitely be signing up for the one year!  I'm doing an envelope punch board class soon and had "some" idea of what projects I wanted, but searching out various projects, getting measurements, etc. takes me time.

Voila.  I found four projects right off the bat from your site that I can use, the recipes are right there so I could print them out for myself & get my samples ready instead of trolling around the interwebz and getting distracted, overwhelmed, and frustrated.  WHAT a timesaver!

Thanks so much!!

Jeni - PA


Stamping School keeps me up at night!

Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying Stamping School, but I have a problem with it: it is keeping me up at night!   I signed up a few weeks ago and have become addicted to watching all your videos. Seriously, though, I love the quality of the videos and the cards, and the ease of navigation, and the convenience of the printed sheets. Tonight I went looking for a card to make a gift-card holder for a friend's birthday next Saturday. The match book card will be perfect, and I can't wait to make an adaptation of the card tomorrow morning (from Santa Claus to a world traveler theme).

Your techniques videos and card samples are great...I can substitute stamps sets and even mix and match sometimes after seeing something you have done. One last thing I want to thank you for is the good humor you show with stamping mistakes. I watched a video tonight where the stamp fell off the block onto the ribbon you were about to stamp. You just turned the ribbon over. It's so nice that you don't edit out the little problems because they happen to us, too, and it makes the videos seem real from a real person. Your productions are very professional, even with the little glitches that happen. Before I found your site, I watched a lot of people demonstrating on You Tube. Many of the videos were quite amateurish, and I found some quite annoying as they wasted my time with way too much talk and fiddling around with missing supplies, etc. You and your husband have found a nice balance of warmth and friendliness, with a professional approach that is informative and moves right along. You teach, entertain and inspire me, and don't bore me.

I am so glad I found you and Stamping School online!

Ellen - AZ


I made the correct decision!

I just signed up for your Stamping school. I looked at a few of the videos already!!! I am enjoying the ones I saw. I do believe every video will be on my favorite list. Thank you so much for creating this school!!  I can't wait to spend hours on this!!!!

I debated for a few weeks before I signed up. I am glad I finally made the correct decision and joined. I always thought I was too old to go back to school. But I am just the correct age.

Vicki - DE


Look forward to learning more and more!

Hi Matt and Linda,

I wanted to tell you both how much I enjoy your Stamping School and watching your videos and look forward to learning more and more.

I have been a SU demo since Sept. 2007, hold classes in my home and have about 30 ladies attend during my five monthly classes.  I am always looking for new techniques and am constantly striving to "up the ante" and challenge my ladies.
I was a member of another site and paid $50.00 for an annual membership and was somewhat disappointed in what was offered to experienced stampers, and I did not renew my membership.  I could not justify $50.00 when I get soooooooooooooooo much more from your school for only $35.00 annually.  Thank you in advance for keeping your membership rates so reasonable.  Your school offers videos, techniques, ideas and more for both the novice and the experienced stamper.   Linda, you explain every detail, preciously.  I'm pretty sure my 7 year old Grandaughter would make a project without any problems after watching you demonstrate a card/project.
I just felt moved to share and thank you for keeping your membership rates so I can afford to glean from you many new and wonderful ideas. 


Linda - NC

Can barely wait until Sunday!

Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your Stampin' School!  I can barely wait till Sunday when your new videos are posted.  The only bad part is that I always, always want more!!  A big part of it is that I really like your ideas; another big part is how you can laugh at yourself as you make the cards -- I can relate to a lot of your "incidents"!!

Anyway, I wanted you to know that you and your husband do a great job!
Thanks for providing a great stamping source!!
Melanie - OH

You guys rock!

Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the world!  I love your website and will most surely continue on to join for a year when my trial month is up.  You guys are awesome!

P.S.  I especially enjoy the "Man Made" video.  What a hoot!


Leslie - IN

Just had to say that I enjoy your site

I’ve looked at a couple of others along the same line and I must commend you on yours being the easiest to maneuver around in, understand, etc. 
Keep up the good work!

Barbara - CA

You truly keep amazing me!

Thank you so much for today’s videos, I have been truly blessed to have found you guys, you keep inspiring me each and every week!

Thanks so much for everything, you are the best out there for ideas and cost, I have joined some other demo’s sites and have now cancelled all but yours, you guys have everything tips, ideas for future projects and I feel like I went to a class I learn something each and every week.
Jody - TX

You make a great team!

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I enjoy all of the videos you create as a team. I always look forward to Sunday night when I can sit down, after everything is done for the day and ready for the start of the new week, and enjoy the videos you've created. Linda, I find your voice to be very calming and love your laugh. I watch a lot of other card videos on the net too, but there are some I just can't watch if their voice is not pleasing to my ear. Matt, I appreciate your sense of humor that comes through in videos from time to time. You obviously make a great team.

Thanks for all of your creativity and knowledge and for making Stamping School so reasonably priced for all that you provide. It is greatly appreciated!

Jackie - WI

Thank you!

That you for all your wonderful projects, I am so glad you still use all SU products.

Heather - Alberta, Canada

A Big Thanks!

I have been a member for several months, think I joined last summer, and just wanted to send you a quick note of THANKS……….I absolutely love all of your ideas and video’s, sometimes there a no brainer and you just say to yourself “oh my gosh now why didn’t I think of that” with working Fulltime, and having a couple of part time jobs on the side this is my place I go to get my ideas for my classes, workshops and clubs!!!! So Thanks so much, your site is worth every penny and I will refer people to it!!!!

Thanks for everything!

Jody - TX

LOVE Stamping School!

I just want you and Matt to know that I absolutely LOVE Stamping School. You are so talented and I get so many creative ideas from you. Thank you for all the hard work that you and Matt put in to bring us such awesome videos and instructions.

Big hug!

Kimberly - NM

Hands down!

Of all the available tutorials you can get online now, yours, hands down, is the best!

Betty - MA

I am totally psyched!

This is the most comprehensive stamping site I have ever seen in my 12 years of stamping!  There isn't one thing I can think of that's missing!  Now I can go back and erase all the other stamping sites on my computer - it's the best thing since white chocolate!

Congrats to you and your husband for a job well done and keep up the fantastic work!

Teresa - NY

Wow, love it.

Love your site. The hands on visual tutorials are the best!

KT Colburn - TX

Love Love Love Stamping School!

I absolutely love Stamping School! I've learned so much! What a great investment in my Stampin' Up! business!

Anita - Beulah, ND

Love your website

Recipes are great and a huge timesaver. I prepare them for all my classes too. Being a SU! demonstrator myself, your website is a tremendous boost for my business. Aloha

Claudine - Hilo, HI

Me? Cutting Patterns? No way! Yes Way!!!!

I love this site! I just learned how to measure for the patterns I need to make all these lovely cards. This was my main fear and the video made it so easy to learn. Thank you so much for this helpful place to learn!

Dawn - Orlando, FL

Independent Stampin' Up! Demo

Linda, your Stamping School is the best! My upline lives 950 miles away, and although she is always willing to help and has taught me much about stamping, sometimes it's so much easier to see it done! Thank you for filling in the gaps for me!

Anita - Beulah, ND

Brand spankin' new stampin'up demonstrator

Wow! Thank you so much for creating such a help to my new business. My upline told me about this site the day she signed my contract. I went straight home, looked at the site, and was a member within the hour.

Bee - MS

Thank you

Thank you for the recipe of products and dimensions, etc. I LOVE THIS FEATURE


Love Love Love your site

Your site has been very helpful to me. I am a new demonstrator for stamping up and I live a couple hours away from my upline and I have learned so many neat things.

Robin - NY

Mr. Twigster

OK I am finally won over after seeing this tutorial. He really is cute. Thanks Linda for your wonderful school. Sundays are a joy when greeted by a brand new video or two. I secretly wish there were even more. You are so creative.

Anne - NJ

Thin Mint Purse

Hi Linda...LOVE!!! the thin mint purse...tooo cute!! I am going to make one ASAP with my NEW paper samples :) I'm thinking it could be made to hold a post-it-note pad as a quick little gift for someone. Thanks again for another great idea!! Take care, hope all is well with you. Cya

Jo - MI

An invaluable tool for new demonstrators

I can't tell you what a wonderful resource this is! Well worth the price to subscribe. There are lots of new ideas and I love them but the best part for me is the review of using all the basic tools and the step by step videos of making the different kinds of cards. The clear simple directions help me learn the best way to present my own classes and workshops. Knowing how to make something and how to teach it are two different things. Stamping School has helped me make the transition from crafter to teacher. Thanks so much.

Cathy - MD

Thanks Linda

Thanks Linda for all the cute cards and projects. I just love the I-pod card. So cute and so today. I always look forward to Sunday peeks at Stamping School. Thanks for all your hard work.

Sue - OH


Linda, The Card Barn is a triumph! It looks like great fun to create and will make a very different and eye-catching gift. I thoroughly enjoy your bright and breezy video presentation. It makes me feel as though I'm right there with you! Thank you for all the effort you put into each video. It is truly appreciated! Cheers!

Janet - Australia

Still loving the site

Linda, I loved your site when I first signed up and I'm still loving it. You keep it simple (even the more involved techniques) and fun. You are so down to earth and willing to share all your tips, tricks and best of all the cards that you make and receive. Thanks for being so generous with your time and talent.

Bonnie - Gulf Coast of Mississippi

Great Help

Stamping school is great. It is full of ideas and all the directions needed to complete the projects. The technique videos are really a big help to a newcomer. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy - FL

Being a student at your school rocks!

Yesterday, I paid for my one-year subscription and I have been taking classes ever since. This is exactly what I needed as a new SU! demo. The videos are great and the directions are there for me to return to and change. Thanks so much for an incredibly creative resource and keep those classes coming! :-)

Steph - Canada

Baby Wipe Video

Linda, I love how this technique turned out in the new colors. Yummy!!

Connie - FL

Sr. Supervisor Stampin'Up! Demonstrator

What am I thinking? I am thinking that I hope you get shown a lot appreciation for the lovely work you do and all the help you provide and all of your good humored sharing. I just love you!

Lynne - OR


I am so thrilled I found your site. Think I am going to like that Bing search engine after all. I joined about 2 minutes after I read your info and can't wait to really get into it and LEARN! Thanks for giving us novices a place to learn.

Marcia - OH

The Perfect Place for me!

Thank you for creating a clean & simple online school that I can access at MY convenience. Love it!

Brenda - TN

Senior Supervisor

I joined one day ago and I have learned so much from your videos that my head is swimming from overload. I wish I had joined earlier. Can't wait until Monday morning.

Sharon - LA


I just watched yesterday's posts and just have to say that you are BRILLIANT!!!! Thanks again!

Betty - MA


Dear Linda, I can't tell you how much I have learned from your Stamping School! I look forward each Sunday to see what great project you're going to do next. And I plan to do the Technique Book with you. I am a new SU demo (since February) and a few of my customers want me to show them some other techniques. Thanks to you, we'll all be learning some new techniques from you. Blessings!

Debbie - OH

Scrapbook Missing July?

Hi Linda and Matt, I love the 6x6 scrapbook, but I don't see July. I look forward to making a scrapbook and developing a scrapbook class too!

Dawn - MA

Looooooove this week's projects!

I don't know if it's because of Easter, but I especially love this week's projects Linda! I have the rub-ons and haven't used them yet. I'll definitely be making the twelve cards :-) The criss cross card also has that wow factor that I've never tried before. THANKS a million times my sweet teacher. Happy Easter from a satisfied student from Canada :-)

Stephanie - Canada

How does your garden grow?

Linda, the fence/seed packet card is just adorable - I love your goldfinch and flower touches

Sue - IN

Happy in Jonesboro

My year is almost up with stamping school and I will definitely rejoin. I like the way you explain how something works like our new color coach. THANKS!!! You have a talent, creative and being able to teach it to others. keep up the good work.

Jody - IN

Matchbox chest

I've just completed your matchbox chest and tags - SO darn cute! I am giving one to my hostess as a thank you gift at my workshop next week. Thanks so much!

Cathy - Canada

Vintage Style of Scrapbook

I Love this page. Going to go thru my sister's collection of pictures and try this.

Carolyn - AL

Letter press

Linda, Great explanation of the Letter press plates. Your step by step show and tell was very simple to follow and filled with dos and donts. Good explanation.

Pat - AZ

Sunday ideas

Thank you, Linda, for such great ideas. I really look forward to checking Stamping School on Sunday night. You have such terrific ideas. I can't seem to get any original ideas on my own… but I take the ones you have and change them up a little. Thanks so much for helping me get my business going.

Nancy - FL

Floating Blossoms Card

LOVE * LOVE * LOVE this card… haven't ever tried the window sheets, but think I will NOW and like the punch also. Just a super CUTE, happy card to brighten someone's day. Thanks for some more 'inspiration'…

Jo - MI

Show and Share

I love the show and share!!!


Mounting different stamps

These were great videos. I didn't know about the clear mount cling foam that we have. Now I do. Thanks… this will be a big help when trying to explain how to mount the different stamps. Some of it I knew, but you presented it differently… so much easier than I have been doing. Thanks, Linda, you have so many great ideas.

Nancy - FL

DSP Folding Mini Album

I always admire your great work and y'm still very happy finding the Stamping School with lots of inspirations. Today had to copy the DSP Folding Mini Album from 7-3-11 because I felt in love right away. It was so easy and quick to make that I really could finish it, even with adding the photos one day. Finally I have something that I can carry around every day to show what we do with some paper and stamps. Thank you very much!! Best regards

Jasmin - Germany